In this blog post, you will find out how fake documentation got Ade banned from the UK, why you should avoid providing fake documentation, why you should avoid a UK ban and also, the importance of providing authentic documentation for your study abroad process.

Less than 1 month ago, we came across a man named Ade who was put on a 10-year UK ban. This ban was placed after fake documentation was submitted during her visa processing. 

I know you wonder how fake documentation got Ade banned from the Uk? 

Apparently, Ade was deceived by an agency that claimed they could help him to provide a bank statement (proof of funds) for her visa process, however, it backfired and he was placed under a ban. 

Providing fake documentation as his proof of funds was how Ade was banned from the UK. Yes, we can say that the fault is from the agency. However, Ade had a huge part to play in this, and unfortunately, this will be an irreversible dent in her travel history forever.  Do note that the UK government has made travelling to the UK quite easy for International students however, this should not be taken for granted.

Avoid Fake Documentation for your Studies in the UK


On the 14th of January, 2022, the Uk Immigration authority perceived that Nigerians were taking up loans for their proof of funds, and as a result, the UK no longer trusts Nigerian proof of funds. This led them to put up strict measures to guarantee the ownership of funds provided by students. These strict measures are what landed Ade in the situation he currently is in, and it should be a warning to everyone else. If you want to go to school abroad, and you can not afford to, all you need to do is to wait until you have saved up enough for your studies or you can find a family member who can sponsor your studies. 

Always avoid fake documentation for your studies, to the UK or any other country of your choice as the immigration authorities have proper procedures in place. You do not want to find yourself in the situation that Tope has found herself in. 

Yes, we all want a better life, we all want to be in a better country, especially due to all the crises going on in Nigeria. However, going about it in the legit and proper way will always pay off. 


Why You Should Avoid Getting a UK Ban

It is very important for you to avoid a UK ban at all costs.

Do have in mind that once you are placed on a ban from the Uk, you will be unable to travel to or visit countries like the Republic of Ireland. On the other hand, if you are placed on a ban from the Republic of Ireland, you can still get a visa to visit or study in the UK. 

The UK is a very powerful country, and there are a good number of countries that will deny you a visa if you ever get placed under a ban from the UK. Therefore, be smart when going about your study abroad process, visit Unilink-Nigeria 

Importance of Providing Authentic Documentation 


Providing counterfeit documents, either as proof of funds or any other documentation needed for your studies abroad should be avoided as this can put you in a situation that may be difficult to come out from. Situations such as; Visa refusal, a ban or even deportation after entry into the country. 

Providing authentic documentation will guarantee the following 

  • High chance of getting your visa
  • High chance of successfully traveling and living in the country of your choice 
  • High chance of gaining good employment 
  • High chance of even getting permanent residence. 

What is important is for the immigration authorities to trust you and see that you are honest and open. 

 Having a genuine, trustworthy and outstanding agency is very important, as there are a lot of fake and deceitful agencies out there. We are and will always be your most trusted agency, we are known to be the number 1 study abroad agency in Nigeria because we provide the best services. 

If Ade had first come to us for his study abroad process she definitely would not have found himself in this tight and ugly situation. 


Contact us today, and see yourself successfully studying in your dream country. 

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