Things to consider when traveling around this holiday: Season greetings

While traveling for the holidays, there are some considerations that are important for your academic and personal development.

At Unilink, we can say that the year has been successful as it slowly draws to a close. We sincerely hope the same is true for you. Seasons Greetings.

While we enjoy our holiday, spending time with loved ones, and engaging in all of our favorite activities, we should keep the following in mind.

The institution will continue to process admissions for the May and September 2023 intakes in January 2023. Therefore, individuals who plan to enroll in May or September can start the admissions process from now to the new year.

Giving your personal information to our agency to include in your application is only one part of the process of applying to study abroad. Instead, it entails displaying particular documents. We suggest that you start assembling the following paperwork if you plan to study abroad in 2023: international passport, diploma, transcripts, WAEC, standard personal statement, letters of recommendation from academics and employers, and an updated resume

Remember that you owe yourself nothing less than the best, thus Unilink is what you require. We have assisted several students in their quest to study abroad; turn to us for the best assistance. In the coming year, you will be welcomed.


It’s the holiday season! a period of rest and a chance to create lasting memories with our family and loved ones, whether through travel or cooperative inside or outdoor games.

Without all of you, the past year would not have been as productive. We appreciate you being such a wonderful customer. Thank you, and happy holidays to you all! 

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you!

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